EFI Services & Activities
1) EFI is one of the 12 government recognized Employers’ Organization in India and
Represents Indian Employers at –
- International Labour Organization (ILO) in India and at Head quarters  in Geneva
- International Organization of Employers (IOE) - a world body of employers in Geneva
- International Labour Conference (ILC)
- South Asian Forum of Employers (SAFE)

2) Represents Employers interest, concerns and views at various tripartite fora of the Ministry of labour, such as Standing Labour Committee, Indian Labour Conference and other industry committees and sub-committees at state and national` levels. EFI also represent employer’s views on Labour Code on Social Securities, Labour Code on Industrial Relations and Labour Code of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, 2018 at Ministry of Labour and Employment. 

EFI has represented employers’ side in various meetings coordinated by Ministry of Labour and Employment e.g. Amendment to Contract Labour Act, Amendment to Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, Amendment to Employees Provident Fund Act, etc.

In such meetings advocacy on behalf of employers plays significant and decisive roles e.g

A) A proposal by EPFO to amend the Definition of Wages which would have steeply increased employers contribution cost has been put on shelf by the EPFO.

B) The EPFO has agreed to reduce the cost of administrative charges from 0.65% to 0.50% of the wage bill of an employer. This amendment alone promises to save more than Rs. 700 crores for all the employers across the country, at the current level of wages.

C) Amendment to definition of contract workmen in the Contract Labour (R&A) Act which would have resulted in confusion and thereby unnecessary litigation has been shelved.

3) Information dissemination: Important judicial & policy pronouncements on labour matters, cost of living index, and daily news bulletin related to HR / IR / ER / ILO information & labour economics.

4) Training initiatives in collaboration with (AOTS – Japan) “The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (Japan)”, which annually conducts meetings of Employers’ Organization of South Asian Countries to deliberate on issues of common concerns and also provide opportunities of nominating Indian professionals to visit Japan on full Scholarship for study tour, to participate training programs pertaining to “HR & IR management in Japan”, “Train the Trainers”, “Occupational Safety & Health”, etc.  Nominal process fee is applicable.

These programs have been very enlightening and of great value to the participants and the organization they represent.  Next two programs of AOTS are scheduled in Japan.

AOTS also conducts training programs in India on key aspects of Japanese Management relevant in the Indian context. These training programmes provides a broad perspective about the actual functioning of Human Resource & Employee Relations prevalent in Japan to the ER / IR / HR Heads in India and how these perspective can be applied in India.

EFI is in discussion with AOTS to improve knowledge sharing and skill improvement services.

5) Employee relations advisory services with win – win approach.

6) Recent EFI activities in collaboration with ILO

i) Development of a research based Contract Labour Audit Tool for promoting safe and secure working environment for all workers. It is intended to cover legal as well as human element of dealing with contract workmen. 
ii) Disney project for promoting responsible business conduct in supply chains through training. EFI across India has a team of 11 professional Master Trainers who are trained as trainers in areas of OSHW and RBC by ILO-ITC Turin. EFI has been authorized by ITCILO to initiate these specialized training activities in sectoral organization across India and will impart training for 480 professional to improve the suppliers’ behavior in the areas of OSHW and RBC.
iii) Nomination of Indian Managers at ILO/ IOE global seminars and training.

7) National Awards for Excellence in Employee Relations: every alternate year with a detailed feedback to the participating companies. This is termed EFI National Award for Excellence in Employee Relations where organizations which practice brilliant ER gets recognition and reward. Next National Awards for Excellence in Employee Relations will be in 2019.

8) Research Paper Competition - EFI conducts RPC for Business Schools all over India & the students willing to participate can conduct research, write papers, prepare PPT or make a film as per their choice. Shortlisted Teams of the Business Schools are summoned on the 2nd day of EFI HRM Summit to give presentations.

9) EFI Annual National HRM Summit – an all India Flagship event, focusing on topical subject of interest to HR / IR fraternity. EFI is successfully conducting HRM summit for the last 38 years. Last year’s summit theme is “Industry 4.0 – Aligning Employee Relations”. It is a value proposition for the community of Employee Relations / Human Resource & Union Members.

10) Research on labour related matters.

11) Training Programs, Workshops on the subject of topical interest for the HR / IR professionals.

12) EFI is one of the nodal agencies for Prime Minister’s Shram Awards which is processed by us.

Details on each of these items can be presented on request.
Contact: The Employers Federation of India : Phone 022 22151726 / 1747 / 9820551619 / 8879147675
Email ID: efisolar@gmail.com / dimple.kadav@efionline.in