What's New!

  1. EFI – CII Workshops in States
  • Transforming IR and HR using Technology and AI
  • Enabling Women Participation in the Workforce etc
  • Workplace Flexibility for Women: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Industry Interaction with EPFO

       2. Young HR/ IR Professionals Platform

        EFI has introduced the Young IR Professionals Platform, a pioneering initiative to mentor and nurture the emerging generation of professionals. This platform aims to cultivate the skills and expertise necessary for fostering industrial growth, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent in IR domain. 

      3. Constitution of Committee for Gig and Platform Economy

        This committee aims to address and deliberate on crucial issues affecting gig and platform workers, fostering a collaborative environment for constructive discussions and effective solutions. Your expertise and experience in this domain would greatly contribute to the committee's objectives.

       4. Constitution of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

          The goal to form a committee was to bring intention, thoughtfulness, and a structured approach to achieve equity and inclusion in an environment that lacked the infrastructure where DEI-related efforts could be scaled and maximized across the entire membership.

      5.Committee on Supply Chains

         EFI - CII will constitute committee on supply chains, under this committee in industry clusters workshops on labour codes will be organized.