EFI - ILO Certified Contract Labour - Quality Management System

The EFI-ILO CL-QMS comprehensive tool for assessing Contract Labour employment practices in industry is the result of collaborative effort by International Labour Organization (Bureau for Employers Activities), Geneva and The Employers’ Federation of India. 


The purpose of this “diagnostic” tool is to conduct a systematic “health check” of Contract Labour employment practices in an organization and guide and enable employers to attend to short comings and issues, if any, with regard to conformity with statutory regulations, case law principles, employer-employee relationship, besides human aspects of Contract Labour work life. 

The assessment tool is developed after a thorough study of about 30 organisations engaging contract employees and extensive interactions with Employers’ representatives, experienced executives managing contract workmen, seasoned contractors/Staffing Agencies, Contract Labour Unions, Legal practitioners and experts in the field. Before finalizing the tool, it was also subjected to a “pilot study” in reputed Company’s engaging large number of contract employees. 


The “Assessment” would help employers in establishing appropriate policy frame work, control and monitoring processes in the orgainsation conducive to: 

  • Developing sound Principle Employer – Contractor relationship
  • Ensuring Principle Employer as well as the Contractor comply with their obligations, both statutory and moral, and
  • Providing proper work-environment and fair treatment to Contract workmen

We feel that a comprehensive and systematic assessment-cum-action plan done at regular intervals, by an independent expert would help employers to stay always on right course with regard to their contract-employee engagement. 

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