EFI National Awards for Excellence in Employee Relations 2019

The 5th Edition of EFI National Awards for Excellence in ER-2019. EFI National Awards for Excellence – 2019 is a prestigious award which is bestowed to organizations which practices superlative Employee Relations in addition to the market demands and profit. The announcement letter is attached for your ready reference.

The Excellence Award in ER recognizes positive efforts made by an organization to cement strong employee relations with its employees. This may range across large sections of the workforce or in the management of disputes involving workmen / employees on rolls.

The Jury Team shall be looking for concrete evidences where the employees are treated / built / developed over the years to take up higher responsibilities by fully optimizing their talents and competencies. In other words, the recipient of the awards shall furnish proof of growing their employees at work & bringing the best practices in the realm of ER. While compiling and consolidating the documents, the organization concerned may kindly go through the parameters as enunciated below.

The Datasheet comprises of the following:

  1. Employee Relations Strategy & Business Strategy
  2. People Well Being and Engagement
  3. Employee Relations Management – Processes and Practices
  4. Management - Union Relationship and Philosophy
  5. Organizational Results
  6. Workmen / Employee Knowledge and Competency Building
  7. Response to Societal Needs

Assumptions for a sound and solid ER

  1. The organization in addition to profits at the core create a strong people culture. Creating a conducive environment for a brilliant ER requires a commitment of thought, word and action. Resources must be made available. Time, energy and the will of the management to do something concrete for the workmen must be apparent in building the competencies of employees at all levels. It requires a long term commitment of growing people from where they are to where they could be in the years.
  2. Leaders seeking to build a better workplace need to understand that conflicts are inevitable. The conflicts must be carefully dealt, managed and resolved so that it doesn’t become divisive.

Some of the exquisite strategies of ER can be to create a learning organization where leaders demonstrate respect, pay equitable wages with market standards, ability to consistently demonstrate firmness, fairness, evoking their best from team members, delivering high levels of performance, building and maintaining trust at all times.

Such exquisite strategies can create a culture and climate where people on rolls can give more than what they are paid for. Not only the leaders of ER & Top Management build better ER but also develop a great organizational climate leading to exceptional people culture.

Some of these strategies as given above have been incorporated in our Data Sheet which the participating organizations need to showcase in terms of numbers, figures, charts, statistics, graphs with a neat summary.

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